TD Lion

Customer: OOO TD Lion

Branch: Wholesale and retail trade.

Customer background data: it is one of the leading companies in the Perm Krai, represented by a network of wholesale depots, retail and wholesale-and-retail alcohol supermarkets, a network of grocery supermarkets engaged in wholesale and retail selling alcohol and food products in the territory of the region.

Main problem and objectives:
In view of the construction of a new logistics center in Perm, the company managers decided to arrange an effective automated system of storage facilities management in the territory of the center.

Proposed solution:
To implement the project, the software product 1C:WMS - Logistics. Warehouse management was chosen. At the first stage, we worked out the warehouse processes from the goods receiving in the warehouse to shipping to end customers. For all warehouse roles, workflow guidelines were created. We implemented counting of batches of food products intended for transfer to Mercury, brand-count of the alcoholic beverages movements for further transfer to EGAIS.

We have created a modern, efficient, scalable tool for automatic and real-time counting material assets flow.
We have used the opportunity to automatically generate and transfer documents from GIS EGAIS and Mercury to comply with the current law.
We have optimized the number of personnel engaged in the warehouse territory.
We have excluded the possibility of erroneous stowing of cargo or incorrect picking to comply with the order.
Data accuracy in terms of goods and material assets under storage has increased.
The speed of warehouse operations has increased.
We have implemented a system of barcode labeling for group packages of products and their storing places in the warehouse.