OOO Raid 21

Customer: LLC Reid-21

Customer background data: LLC Reid-21 is among the major distribution companies. It provides services for more than 3,500 trade outlets. The company has large warehouses at its disposal and offers its customers a range of over 3,000 different products.

Initial task and objectives:
Because of the increase in goods turnover and the arisen need to apply brand-counting of alcoholic beverages, the company managers decided to upgrade the warehouse management system and switch to a new version of the 1C:WMS system.
Our specialists were assigned a single complex task: a smooth and “painless” updating the system within the existing warehouse complex. Also, we were to provide with training the customer company staff and explain them all the features of the new version of 1C: WMS.

Proposed solution:
We held the initial consultations, generated and addressed the customer requirements for the final version of the updated WMS system.
We worked out the specific features of stock count and management at a particular enterprise to comply with the customer requirements, and we improved the essential functions of the system.
The interfaces and sets of rights required by users have been prepared. Special-purpose equipment has been connected and configured (20 stationary workstations and 50 mobile data terminals).
Before starting the test, we input the initial left-over stock and all relevant data transmitted from the previous stock count system.
Almost simultaneously with the start of the pilot running of the system, the final stage of the project began, the customer employees’ training. The training course took place directly in the customer office as group and individual training sessions. In parallel, during the entire stage, WMS administrators were provided with distance learning and consulting.

The Reid-21 Company has switched from an outdated version to using the updated system 1C:WMS Logistics. Warehouse management to fully comply with the project's original objective. During set up, the warehouse complex operated normally, no faulty operations or work shutdowns occurred. The customer employees were provided with full-time and distance learning.

Using the system, we have implemented all the functions required by the customer:
  • receiving goods from the supplier/return of goods from the buyer;
  • internal transportation;
  • replenishment of pick zones;
  • picking products according to customer orders;
  • shipment;
  • calculation of employees’ workout;
  • brand-count of alcoholic beverages at all operations;
  • counting expiration dates of food products WMS integration with the brand corporate stock-count system REID 2000.