OOO Poultry farm Varaskino

Customer: LLC Varaksino Poultry farm

Branch: food industry.

Customer background data: the largest poultry farm in Udmurtia focused on egg production. It is ranked 4th in Russia in terms of egg production volume. Many largest retail chains in Russia and Europe are among the company's customers.
Initial situation:
After merging 3 production sites into one, the product storage and shipment processes needed upgrading. The company managers decided to get rise to a warehouse reconstruction project using modified logistics concepts.

Basic issues:
  • insufficient storage space for storing eggs received from poultry houses and for packaging;
  • loading products onto trucks was carried out by loaders manually and took a lot of time (about 2 hours).
  • high risk of fines from retail chains;
  • stock and movements were calculated manually in Excel tables.

Tasks and solutions:
  1. Development of a model of goods flows within the enterprise. We calculated the staff, lifting and loading machinery and equipment using a mathematical model, we made a staffing table and job description.
  2. Implementation of the labeling of the finished products.
  3. Fast receiving finished products using pallet markers.
  4. Organized targeted storage of products (cell/based and rack/based).
  5. Implementation of automatic picking products for shipment according to the FIFO or individual customer requirements.
  6. Automated packaging operations (receiving, labeling, storage, shipment).

Project results:
  • 3 times increase in order processing time;
  • no recording operations on paper (journals, leftovers);
  • no duplication of information about stock leftovers;
  • 10 times decrease in the number of warehouse operation errors;
  • losses and expired products in warehouses ceased to zero;
  • reduction in the average loading time for a truck from 3 hours to 20 minutes;
  • creation of a unified info-analytic complex for managing the material-and-goods flow to provide stock count and control, special-purpose functionality, and management reporting;
  • implementation of a system of labeling group packages and places of their storage in the warehouse (barcoding as a marking method).