OAO MK Sarapul-Moloko

Customer: OJSC MK Sarapul-Milk

Customer background data: The major activities of the OJSC MK Sarapul-Moloko are processing milk and manufacturing dairy products with high consumer properties. The dairy plant is third in Russia in terms of the production volume of ultra-pasteurized dairy products. The average number of enterprise staff is 350 people.
Basic problem and objectives
Due to the development of the production infrastructure, the company managers decided to implement a new information system. The product is to allow to automate production counting, interconnect all the main zones of the enterprise to make a single information space, and also be able to integrate production equipment and a stock-counting information system. The tasks were to improve warehouse manageability and automate the processes related to warehouse logistics.

Proposed solution:

For solving the assigned tasks, the SITEK Company's specialists offered to automate the enterprise processes using the 1C: Enterprise platform. As a corporate stock-counting system, they offered to use 1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management and automate the processes of warehouse logistics based on 1C:WMS. Logistics. Warehouse management.

The result of implementing 1C:WMS Logistics. Warehouse management.
  1. Accounting errors, re-grading, product spoilage (expiration date) eliminated.
  2. Exclusion of complaints and penalties related to the delays in shipment due to the fault of the warehouse.
  3. The minimum time of counting warehouse leftovers is less than 5 seconds.
  4. Taking warehouse inventory is only 3 hours without idling the warehouse.
  5. 50% staff reduction without sacrificing the entire volume of shipments.
  6. Several times reduction of the warehouse maintenance cost.
  7. Possibility of 2 times increase in the shipping amount.

The result of implementing 1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management and well-managed integration between systems:
  1. The enterprise subdivisions involved in the product release, sale of finished products, and provision of raw materials are united into a single information space;
  2. Release of finished products, write-off of raw materials, basic and auxiliary materials are real-time monitored by shift foremen;
  3. Finished goods counting is according to the expiration date (serial number);
  4. The sales manager's desktop improvement due to the integration of the enterprise telephony. A full-fledged call center for taking orders has been implemented;
  5. The time for receiving a call and a set of orders from the buyer has been reduced several times.