AO Prepreg SKM

Customer: AO Prepreg-SKM

Customer background data: AO Prepreg-SKM manufactures different inventory units of technical fabrics and prepregs based on carbon, glass, aramid fibers for shipbuilding, aircraft construction, construction works, and other industries. The company has taken one of the leading positions in the market for manufacturing composite materials in the territory of the Russian Federation. The production sites are located on the territory of the technopolis in Moscow and a special economic zone in Dubna. Currently, partners from Italy, Germany, Hungary, and other countries use the company products for manufacturing their goods.

Initial problem and objectives:
The organization faced the need for more accurate counting of current stock leftovers in real-time, the opportunity to trace serial products, and processes optimization. It had to provide quality management for both flows of raw materials and finished products. To increase the accuracy of picking by order and, as a result, the customer service quality. To make the flow of goods move through the warehouse with optimal use of warehouse space for the products stowing and storage.

The SITEK specialists were assigned the following tasks:
To automate the management of the main warehouse business processes in real-time, address warehouse and algorithms for stowing and picking, taking into account batches, serial numbers, shelf life, storage conditions, and match during storage. Provide labeling and barcoding technology when performing warehouse operations. Integrate 1C:WMS with the current enterprise information system and portable data terminals (PDT). Provide connection of remote facilities (PDT; label printers, etc.)

Suggested solution:
Within the project, the SITEK project team together with the customer carried out setup and implementation of standard/industry software. Methodological support of specific features of stock count and management in the automation system has been prepared. The functionality of goods receiving, labeling, and packaging has been improved. The mechanisms for planning and reserving goods have been worked out. The identified common mistakes have also been fixed. 1C:WMS is integrated with the current customer counting system 1C:UPP.
We connected special warehouse equipment. The enterprise personnel completed training sessions to work in 1C:WMS.

Within the project, we implemented the following functionality:
Warehouse operations using barcoding technology through a portable data terminal
Generating unified barcodes and labeling incoming products. Counting finished products through individual digital codes
Receiving products from manufacturers and stowing in containers
Moving products within and between warehouses
Inspection of products received from the manufacturer
Stowing and targeted storage of products in the warehouse
Moving raw materials to the manufacturer
Changing product characteristics in the warehouse (division, re-labeling, repackaging)
Reservation of products by orders
Automatic planning of picking products by customer order as per regulations, followed by the formation of tasks for the picking
Planning is expanded by using the opportunity to assign additional picking conditions. For optimal planning of product picking, a combinatorial optimization solution is used

Shipment of products by order
  • Checking information on product movement and leftovers in real-time
  • Inventory
  • Convenient tool for raw materials disposal from production
  • Performance report generating
  • Integration with the stock-counting system.
As a result of the project implementation, the enterprise received a modern tool for automating the real-time counting of material values' movement on the new technological platform 1C:Enterprise 8.3, as well as the ability to change the characteristics and reserve products by customer orders. The check of stock leftovers became 3 times faster. Due to using the portable data terminals, the amount of paperwork has been cut in half, and the quality of product receiving and picking has improved.