AO Meat-processing factory Yalutorovsky

Customer: OA Yalutorovsky Meat Processing Plant

Customer background data: The largest meat processing enterprise in the Tyumen region. The scope of activity is cattle slaughtering and processing (beef and pork, 1st and 2nd category offals), sausage production, manufacture of semi-finished products, and canned food.

Initial problem and objectives:
Storage and shipment of products from the sausage-making shop was a challenging issue for the enterprise:
It lacked a single information space;
The stock count was not automated in the context of the production deadline, the shelf life was monitored manually;
Picking products by order was difficult because of the lack of targeted storage.

Proposed solution:
  1. Automation based on the software product 1C:WMS Logistics. Warehouse Management.
  2. We worked out, modified, and described the warehouse logistics models for all categories of products (packaged products, bulk products, piece goods, delicacies).
  3. Pushback racks were selected and mounted to achieve the most significant effect of the stock-counting system implementation. The use of pushback racks allowed to organize the stock, arrange it according to the production date. For picking, both separate items and full baskets of products were taken from one rack cell.
  4. We arranged workstations for automatic weight control of the products received in the warehouse and for product labeling.
  5. We implemented automatic elimination of weighing errors. Products are weighed at different weighing terminals during the goods receiving and shipping to the customer. In case of differences within the normal range, we did not allow for an error by estimation.
Project results:
A unified information space for transmission, buffer storage, labeling, and picking products have been organized.
Automation of weighing products during receiving and shipping (weighing terminals are integrated with the information system).
Implementation of counting and monitoring of products according to expiration dates.
Facilitation of the procedure of picking products by order to make it 4 times faster.
Implementation of barcode labeling system for group packages of products and places of their storage.
Minimized count and re-grading errors.
Eliminated product delays, complaints, and penalties for delayed shipment through the fault of the warehouse.